Why is Concrete more Expensive than Asphalt?

Why is Concrete more Expensive than Asphalt?


Both asphalt and concrete are great solutions in the construction world. But the reality is that many times you will have to pick one against the other. You need to figure out which is the best option and how you can make the best return on investment. When it comes to comparing asphalt and concrete, which one is more expensive and why is that? Let’s find out.

Concrete-construction-costsIf you go online and try to compare the asphalt and concrete prices for any construction, you will notice quite the price difference. Every concrete paving contractor will be a bit more expensive if he works with concrete and not asphalt.


The reason here is easy to understand. Concrete is placed a lot thicker when compared to asphalt. That means you will need more material, which in turn will end up increasing the price quite a bit. Concrete will be around 12 inches in depth, whereas asphalt is about 6 inches or up to 8 inches at most. But it’s clear that concrete is a lot thicker. That’s why you will always see a concrete construction; it’s very durable and thick.

And even on the road, you end up using a lot more material for the same amount of pavement that you want to create when compared to asphalt. That doesn’t mean using asphalt is terrible. But it does bring up some interesting features, and the overall experience is excellent.

Per square foot, concrete is more expensive. But if you calculate per volume, asphalt ends up being more expensive here. You have to do your calculations before you embark on such a project.

asphalt-costs-vs-concreteBut in the long term, the asphalt pavement will always cost a lot less when compared to the concrete due to the massive amount of concrete you need to use for your projects. But then you have to think about the durability of concrete.

There’s a reason why municipalities are always repairing the asphalt roads because they can’t withstand a lot of pressure for years and years. At one point there will be problems, and you want to avoid that as much as possible. Using concrete may be more expensive, but the long-term benefits are incredible. And yes, if you think about the long-term costs and return on investment, concrete will be the winner at all times. It goes to show that opting for the least expensive stuff won’t help every time. You need to study everything and figure out what option works for you, as that’s the most important thing!


So, should you work with a concrete paving contractor or one that’s qualified in asphalt pavements? That’s up to you and your budget. But one thing is certain, concrete is a lot more durable, and it offers a much better value for money in the long term. You can still use asphalt, but you will end up dealing with many repairs and other similar problems. That alone makes concrete a clear winner from a value and quality standpoint!